Talent Spotting – Aaron Nace and Rosie Hardy

Where to begin, when it comes to the talents of these two extraordinary people? – Aaron Nace and Rosie Hardy are, quite simply put, Photographers. Though actually, I think I should say bloody amazing photographers, or perhaps even, Photographic Artists, as “Art” its closer to the mark, to what they do…

Aaron Nace and Rosie Hardy

I first stumbled upon the work of Aaron Nace completely at random, via an intriguingly entitled photograph, “I was born cool, and for that I make no apologies'” of a man (himself) sitting in a chair with a potted plant on his lap, oh, and did I mention apart from said hat, he’s absolutely ‘starkers’? Well, I guess that explains the plant…

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“Varoom – the journal of illustration and made images”


Varoom Issue #9 2009

I sometimes treat myself and buy VAROOM magazine, (its a treat as its a tad pricey, but I have to say when I do get it, I am so enthralled by the quality, I wonder why I don’t buy it more regularly and assure you its worth every damned penny – go buy it now!)

Varoom magazine is dedicated to illustration, the current issue, shown above, is actually an ‘illustrated lettering edition’ and as you can see from the front cover artwork, the work is mind-blowing! If you’ve not bought it before, the magazine is a true joy to behold, the pages are thick and I mean THICK and glossy…the features really make the most of this high quality and display the artwork BIG, which, I guess, is really as it should be, for an illustration magazine…

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Cut&Paste, London 2009

Cut&Paste London 2009

Having seen a snippet of a previous Cut&Paste event online, I was really happy to hear about the London event coming up and happily roped in a buddy to come with me to see what’s what.. Most simply put the event is a competition and is organised into 3D, 2D and motion graphics, each participant battling it out, against each other, for a much coveted spot in the finale in New York….

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Dumbo feather

Dumbo feather, pass it on.

Dumbo feather, pass it on.

Dumbo feather, pass it on.

Another fantastic find (via Magma) this magazine is just full of really creative, inspiring, interesting and quite lengthy features.

I was drawn to it as the cover art (fallen leaves, pool of water) …I just had to pick it from the shelf… upon first flick-through I noticed a two page spread on favourite bookshops from around the world and I was hooked. Yet the features are really quite varied. Random even. But somehow it works….

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Knowing” (IMBD info here)

I swore after sitting through a few painful minutes of “Lord of War” I’d never see another Nic Cage movie, then came the trailer for “Knowing” and against my better instincts I was arm-wrestled to go see this movie by a friend, but never ever again.

Knowing” has some good ‘bits’ in it and started off strong, but it really is a bad bad bad film.

Its way too cheesy (though with that said it did, at least, make me laugh.) It rips off too many other (better) movies and does so so badly, that it therefore suffers by comparison, as you can’t help but recall those ‘better’ movies…

…spoiler alert…

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….Greg Kinnear

OK perhaps dipping a toe, dangerously, into the star-obsessive thing, but, I have to admit, I have the biggest crush on Greg Kinnear and really, if you don’t know him, you’re missing out…

Greg Kinnear

Greg Kinnear

Greg Kinnear is really very good at playing, at turns, the hapless, cute, guy, you’d love to love, and/or, the womanizing cad, you’d love to hate… Personally, I think he suits the former better, but, he does both so very well…

For me, his stand-out performances include “Feast of Love“, “Ghost Town” – playing opposite, but not second-fiddle to, Ricky Gervais – and “Nurse Betty“, also “Little Miss Sunshine“, “Someone Like You“, “You‘ve Got Mail” and even “Baby Mamma” spring to mind as all worthy Greg Kinnear moments, that I’d urge anyone to check out, for his performance alone… (though word of warning on that last one there, its not the best film overall…and yes…I’m being very polite…)

Currently I’ve been waiting for what seems like bloody ages for “Flash of Genius” to get a release date here in the UK, which I think is any day soon now…so watch this space…

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Talent Spotting – Mikko Walamies

therecyclablesThe recyclables

I genuinely have a love for a variety of different types of graphic design, (I think I mentioned a little something about my love of graphic tee-shirts?) I also love illustration and character design, be this; a birthday card that catches my eye in a stationary shop, a child’s book or a cute plastic Japanese toy…as such, I happened-upon the work of this chap, Mikko Walamies and I am utterly blown away by his designs. So,. I thought I’d email him and see if I could attempt an interview, of sorts, but I’ve never done this before, so if I goof it up (and I probably will) just act natural and go with it…

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