I love movies…

I ♥ movies!

I’m an avid cinema goer, but find compiling lists of favourite movies really hard, I can never remember what I’ve seen or when I’ve seen it, perhaps if I had a list of every movie in the past year or so and maybe a selection of colourful highlighter pens…? Hhhhmmmmm, not sure that’ll work. So, instead, I intend to keep a running tab on movies I’ve read about and am interested in or ones I’ve seen lately and cannot help but go on about!

What do I like?

Well, I think I like all sorts of films, particularly character-driven, independent movies and wish I had the opportunity to see more (and to utterly contradict myself on the not compiling lists rule) ones that spring to mind include: Juno, Brick and The Squid and The Whale“.

However, I also like box-office nonsense too, really, there ain’t nothing like a stonking, big, action-packed, blow-em-up, or maybe even more simply put, a “Shoot ’em Up” .

I enjoy a certain type of foreign movie, not all – some are just too achingly arty for me and my attention-deficit brain – however, with that said, I do particularly like seeing French movies, though again, I’d say there’s a particular type of French movie I like, and do not like.  For example, The Beat That My Heart Skipped(De battre mon coeur s’est arrêté) I absolutely loved and I am now a huge fan of lead actor Romain Duris.  However, the highly acclaimed Hidden (Cache) starring French cinema heavyweights; Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche – I really disliked and have had various disagreements with friends as to whether maybe I somehow missed the point of this film altogether. Perhaps,. but I still say its not a good film.

I absolutely draw the line at horror, I simply cannot watch them (I blame access to certain movies via video during the 1980’s)

Guilty pleasures

I can’t help myself but I have a thing for teenager movies, probably because I never outgrew “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (I can’t help but feel there ought to be a sequel, yes even now, years after the original, but its perfect, Ferris is all grown up, got kids of his own, and the idea to just take the day off work occurs to him one day – much hilarity ensues, Mathew Broderick retires a very rich man…) I digress…

I never out grew my love for movies such as “The Breakfast Club” or a particular favourite of mine – “The Outsiders” – which I read first and then discovered the movie. I think part of the attraction was knowing that S.E. Hinton was very young, possibly still at school, when she wrote the book. I have no idea how it came about to be directed by Francis Ford Coppola (I wonder if he read the little book too or if it was a contractual arrangement) but I am positive its all the better for it and probably would have been utter pishe in a lesser directors hands (…though some may argue….) I also love the fact that some of the brat-packing *stars* look a little less than polished – ahem – Tom Cruise.

My other guilty pleasure is I like the odd chick flick, yes, there I’ve admitted it, burn me at the stake, though in my defence, if there is a top-end, to a chick-flick, ‘scale’, then that’s what I like. I’m thinkingThe Family Stone” or maybe In Her Shoes I don’t know why, but I think these films stand out, the ensemble cast in “The Family Stone“, if you pardon the pun, rocks. (I love the hilarious Diane Keaton, the softly-spoken Craig T. Nelson – as the parents – and the very many kids, my favourite being Luke Wilson and Rachel McAdams, who is fantastic.) “In Her Shoes” I cannot help but think there’s more to this film, than just the obvious and I think a lot of that is down to Toni Collette, she really raises the bar on this one: as a confident lawyer, as a woman on the verge of a melt down, plus the all-important road to self-discovery, love and eternal happiness…

…but hey, who doesn’t like love and a happy-ending!



One response to “I love movies…

  1. And Me You and Everyone we know? So hard to choose I know. Is there one film that shattered you into pieces? Made you feel different, showed you the truth about you and everything? Just wondered…

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