I love magazines…

I ♥ magazines!

I have a major magazine addiction…

A selection of magazine covers

A selection of magazine covers,. in no particular order: Amelias Magazine (now online only) Monocle, T-World, Surface, Plan B, Creative Review, Grafik, Icon, Total Film, Elle Decoration and Wallpaper.

I buy many many magazines.

I love buying specialist titles: art, design, architecture, film, photography, fashion, music and travel. I sometimes buy magazines whereby the subject matter is secondary to the layout of the magazine itself, that is to say, for me, I gain as much pleasure physically handling a magazine and looking at it in its entirety, as I do reading it, which is why I believe there will always be a place for print media, its tactile, you can feel the quality, smell the inks, maybe make doodles on a page you like or fold down a corner for a further look…

I also believe that random buying can lead to some fortuitous accidents and am trying to be more proactive and listen to the recommendations of others. I really do enjoy picking up a magazine I’ve either not looked at before or not given enough time to before. I think this is because I used to find magazines quite frustrating and only ever bought movie magazines, (still have some old issues rotting away in the garage) my point is, I found other magazines, aimed at my age group, or gender to be too prescriptive or something. However the older I’ve got, and the greater scope in interests I’ve gained, the more I am content to flip through a weekly fashion magazine, an art magazine, a travel magazine – whatever…

I especially like magazines that are really creative in their layout, but guess that’s a subjective thing… I think I’m always curious about the choices that have been made by the creative team or individual designer. I think about the way that the information is presented, everything from the headline and standfirst to the way in which they’ve chosen to display a quote. I especially look for any additional info box or very detailed information, such as, a table or chart.

Take these following examples; an illustrated spread, a text-heavy spread, a jam-packed music review and a price-comparison table, Plan B, Harpers Bazaar, Clash music magazine and the Sunday Times Travel magazine respectively.

Plan BPlan B

Harpers Bazaar spreadHarpers Bazaar

ClashClash music magazine

Sunday Times Travel magazineSunday Times Travel Magazine

Each different layout design has its place, though sometimes I’ll buy a random magazine, take it home and ‘shudder’ at these choices, which makes me wonder, if there is a distinctive comfort zone that I am so familiar with, that a new layout can cause this reaction…

I still buy the occasional movie magazine as love movies and I love magazines, perfect combo,. I used to buy Empire magazine a lot, now, not so much, but every now and then, I’ve gotta have a fix! Also Total Film and Little White Lies.


Total Film

Total Film

Little White LiesLittle White Lies

I sometimes find good quality films, film makers and actors get more recognition in non-movie-specific titles, that is to say, I am surprised that these magazines haven’t just stuck with the block-buster review and flavour-of-the-month *star* – examples below: Fused Magazine; interview with Miranda July, Writer, Director and Co-star “Me and You and Everyone We Know” (great film by the by) and Huck Magzine, interview with Director of “Babel” Alejandro González Iñárritu and Actor Gael García Bernal.

Fused magzine feature spreadFused magazine

Huck feature spredHuck

I also sometimes dip into buying Computer Arts magazines and am always keen to see everything from the cover artwork, news items, the helpful tutorials and talent showcase – all fantastic:

Computer Arts

Computer Arts

Computer Arts Spread

Computer Arts

My ultimate favourite magazine, and has been so for about a year now is Monocle magazine,. which I will go into more detail…


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