IdN – International designers Network


IdN Vol 16, No.1

I don’t know why, but IdN is not a magazine I’ve bought before, the only excuse that I can think of is, accessibility, as I no longer live/work in the ‘big smoke’ I often find literal access or availability to various magazines a problem…and also, if I am honest, in the past I’ve been somewhat shy to spend £10 on one magazine, whereas now I have a greater understanding as to what you’re actually getting for your monies worth, and in regards to IdN it really is worth everydamnedpenny.

Firstly, the layout is stunning and the paper quality both thick and shiny depending on what you happen to be reading, ( OK, sorry if this sounds weird but I love nothing more than inhaling the scent of lovely papers and inks, seriously, this magazine smells yummy to me…) secondly, the features / reviews / interviews are diverse and engaging.

If innovative layout is what you’re looking for then IdN has it in spades, (OK I’ve no idea if they do this in every issue) but either way, the way they organise what you’re looking at, is just gorgeous, an example shown below is the ‘introduction to what’s on the DVD’ and yes well it may look a little crammed-in at this size, but it really, it’s easy to follow and it pulls in your interest, as I am sure some of us are guilty of chucking a DVD to one side, well this really does whet your appetite…

idnvol16no1_02IdN DVD content

As soon as you’re into the magazine, there are some great showcases of some really interesting and talented people. WOW.  I really liked the work of Serge Seidlitz and his ‘world doodles’, his website has a similar approach but with practically everything clickable, the sheer volume of work is staggering. The facing page, shown here too, is about the release of a behind the scenes book “NoiseFive” from ATTIK.


The big craft issue, begins with some in-depth interviews, Julien Vallée, shown below: (I love those little triangles)


and IWant, shown below: (ahhhhh, I also love those birdies, hanging down from the celing…)


and Ciara Phelan, shown below: (what you can’t see is these pages actually fold out)


Silkscreen print work by Kate Gibb, shown below:


The next big feature is about a variety of Parisian studio / designers; 9Eme Concept shown below left, and Frederique Daubal shown below right,  (Parisian designers can include any nationality, as long as they currently live/work in Paris.)


H5 shown below:


Ich & Kar shown below (and I have to admit I absolutely love the dog/cat wall decals shown here):


deValence shown below:


Sylvia Tournerie shown below:


The next section is called ‘pick of the month’, Johan Prag shown left, top, and illustrator Mark Borgions shown bottom left. Gregory Gilbert-Lodge shown right.


Dominik Schwarz and his installation Typoase shown left, top. Designs for Replay and their Children’s Heart Foundation shown bottom left.  Right hand page, top is Soren Severin. Right hand page, bottom left, street art from Brad Downey. And finally right hand page, bottom right, Micro-MIC Mystery Six Series designed by Ultraman.


The next section is a really interesting look at the graphics behind music, work by Invisible Creature shown below:


WOW what can I say? I’m definitely a fan of IdN and will make every effort to get it again in the future!! 🙂


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