Sublime – another random find.

sublimeissue14_fc1Sublime, Issue 14 2009

Sublime has an interesting tag line: “The first international sustainable lifestyle magazine” – eh, wow, that’s rather a lot to live up to, right there.  I have to say it starts off strong, or I should say, shiny, as the pages are just amazing (Hhhhhmmmm, now I’m curious, if that means its ethically printed / sourced paper and if one can recycle it, or not? – nah, it must be…) The first feature is on the Earth Awards, to be honest, I’d not heard of the Earth Awards before reading this piece, however, after seeing some of the innovative products out there, such as, the stunning ‘Illuma’ light (by Andrew Neal and Timothy Porter) is a lovely design and and clever product, I’m definitely a fan, in brief the Illuma is described as:

“A net zero-energy, zero carbon footprint light system that employs LED technology. It is deployable via solar, wind, or grid.”

The topic is really interesting…

“We were able to explore the possibilities before us from a spectrum of work covering design solutions for sustainable buildings, packaging, emergency housing and city infrastructures…”

…and the photography, though, big, is sort of jammed-in, however, with that said, I’m sure there were probably many many more images that could have also been included, that didn’t make the cut, makes me think it was a shame this topic wasn’t given more pages:


By contrast, the photography, for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards, is big and utterly brilliant, the first cheeky-chappie, a monkey with the most adorable expression by Stefano Unterthiner entitled Troublemaker’, couldn’t be more fitting and definitely worthy of a top prize…

The next piece is an incredibly powerful interview with Claire Bertschinger, a red cross worker who first witnessed the Ethiopian famine before we, the rest of the world, knew what was going on, indeed the introduction states; “Claire Bertschinger was the inspiration for Live Aid.”


Claire Bertschinger comes across as both world-weary, and yet still full of hope and positivity and she speaks so much common sense you cannot help but shake your head in wonder…wonder, as to why we don’t do more, why we don’t ever seem to learn from our past mistakes. Citing her own experiences crossing through various hostile borders and talking to people – soldiers? terrorists? – people, on each side of the dividing line, wherever that maybe, each has his concerns; concerns for his family, concerns for the future, each the same, each stating the ‘other’ is to blame for bloodshed – a very interesting interview.

The School of Life, piece is interesting and I really am tempting to visit, (I’m pretty sure I read about The School of Life a while ago, in Monocle magazine and I probably said the same thing, then – ha ha…) but not to detract from this piece, as Sublime devotes a lovely full spread to it:


Other topics include: Fair trade chocolate with an interview with Sophi Tranchell, MD of Divine Chocolate. Art with a review of giant sculptures from Gunilla Klingberg:


Music with an interview with PJ Harvey, plus additional album reviews. Film with the Birds Eye View Film Festival. Food also gets a look-in with reviews of the current crop of cook-books Sublime is recommending, plus a few sage words from Richard Ehrilich, in regards to being more energy efficient in your kitchen.



There are some other fantastic features, one big feature on cars, a few pieces on fashion and make-up… Sublime continues with its ‘sustainable lifestyle’ features of which those that really stood out, for me, are the Masdar Project and the two amazingly ambitious New York projects, one a garden/farm the other an entirely new ‘green’ neighbourhood and with that said the Millennium Development Goals feature is also really very interesting!




I’ve also got to mention how much I really enjoyed the stunning fashion pages:




Alongside the  fashion, above, there’s also a feature on ethical fashion, with the London College of Fashion having hosted a ‘Fashion Summit’. Dr Frances Corner, Head of College at the London College of Fashion discusses fashion, climate change and the choices being made by fashion creators / innovators these current – and future – generations will have many tough decisions to make, and those decisions will potentially have a massive impact to our environment. A sample of what’s to come:



Another fashion spread and the photography is seemingly out of this world, photography by Filippo Fortis:



And finally, I just have to add how much I enjoyed reading the ‘tattoo’ feature by Hannah Engelkamp, photography by Lindsay Adler.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect, thought maybe it would be a tad preachy but its an excellent feature with really interesting insights, thoughts and pulls in some interesting arguments, from God and the Devil, to literally sticking a finger up at society expectations, decisions, regret,. its all there…



Overall I really liked Sublime, and would definitely recommend it for anyone who likes their art and fashion a little on the ‘green’-side as well as anyone who likes fashion/photography. However, my only sticking points, is firstly, the masthead, yikes, I’m not so keen and the ‘boxy’ pullquotes, not sure what’s going on there, especially on the smaller one-page items, its just a tad dull…


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