I was recommended Qvest magazine by a Flickr buddy, when I first thumbed through, I admit, I wasn’t sure. I thought it was too fashion-orientated and as such, perhaps it not quite ‘me’ – however, I went back to it and spent time reading the features and really looking at the photography and I think my first impressions where a tad too hasty…so I thought I’d better give it a bit of a mention:


Qvest March/April 09

Primarily, it is a dedicated fashion magazine for people who really want to read about fashion, there are little newsy gossips, (Kanye West designing trainers for Louis Vuitton) then there are lots and lots of other little tid-bits, a new line here and there (‘Correct’ from G-Star…) and then there are really good full-length features with a surprisingly good mix of interviews: Art/artists, film stars and fashion features all side-by-side…. how odd….

The photos accompanying the Maggie Cheung interview are absolutely stunning, no disrespect to Tamara Rothstein who conducted the interview, but these photos could be on their own (sans interview) and it would still be strong, photography by René Habermacher:




Alongside Maggie Cheung, is Daniel Brühl, both staring in Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds” yet to be released in UK, according to IMDB, scheduled for August… 


I have to admit I rather like Daniel Brühl, having really fallen for him in the rather darkly humourous“Goodbye Lenin” – in which his mother falls ill / into a coma, during which time she’s completely missed the fall of the Berlin wall, he sets out to spare her from the ‘shock’ of this change, convinced it would kill her…


The interview reads as if two friends are having a bit of a chit-chat and we just happen to be over-hearing… whether this is the laid back approach of Daniel Brühl or interviewer, Isabelle Kountoure, I’ve no idea, but, somehow, it really works – the photography is so calm, so subtle, its just lovely, photography by Tim Gutt.

I was rather surprised (and I admit upon first glance a little disappointed) to see a massive interview with TV-star Taylor Momsen of “Gossip Girl” fame, but, upon second reading, I realise, again, I was being rather inconsiderate and now I know Taylor Momsen is actually quite the old pro, having been modeling/acting professionally since she was a mere tot…during the course of the interview, you really get a sense that she’s got many many ambitions, as yet unrealised, (fashion, music…) so I expect to be seeing her more in other magazines, as time goes by, at least next time ’round, it wont be quite such a surprise, photography by Michel Haddi: (…I’m assuming no puppies were harmed during this shoot…)


Did I mention there is some stunning photography in Qvest? Though, OK, I admit I don’t get the connection between the text and the images on this one – interview with Daphne Guinness – but its such a strong image, I love it…

qvestma08Photography by René Habermacher

The photography for the fashion pages is stunning, tiny selection below:

qvestma09Photography by Tung Walsh

qvestma10Photography by Tung Walsh

qvestma11Photography by Sean & Seng

qvestma12Photography by Sean & Seng

qvestma13Photography by Takay

qvestma14Photography by Aitken Jolly

qvestma15Photography by Tabassom Charaf

One or two minor sticking points:

  1. Typos, wow. towards the end of the magazine, “Casting” section, each young model introduced with a short paragraph giving background info. and well, its just wow one mistake after the next (…makes me think perhaps the wrong version was sent to the printers…?)
  2. Layout, though overall the layout is fine, its just a little, ‘pah’, whereas the quality of the words and the images is superb.  I really wish the designer had been given greater freedom to have a little fun and play with the straps/headlines (positioning, font choice) and maybe move things around a little more creatively,. (heck, I urge Qvest to go check out “Little White Lies”, even though entirely different genre and format!)

> All-in-all I am pleased that I was recommended to look at Qvest and that I took the time to do so, properly and I look forward to getting it again…


2 responses to “Qvest

  1. Maggie Cheung really is coooool!
    Could you upload more about her in this issue of Qvest?

    • Hi there,. My blog is to tell you how FAB the magazine is, to perhaps suggest you ought to GO BUY THE MAGAZINE!!! 🙂 I am nothing to do with the magazine, just reviewing it in my own way… However, with that said, in a nutshell, the interview (by Tamara Rothstein and photography by Rene Habermacher) is promoting upcoming Tarantino “Inglorious Basterds” movie…with additional personal questions, where she’s living/family etc,. etc,. seriously go get the mag or at least check it out online: Qvest

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