Another utterly random find, Esopus magazine:

esopus-boom-fc1Esopus, #11

I think it was the rather big  – “Boom!” – cover artwork that attracted me to this rather heavy magazine (it is really rather weighty.) This current issue of Esopus is an intriguing mix of beautifully drawn illustrations, photography and features.  Some of the illustrations are truly amazing and they’ve additionally printed some ‘extra long’ via a fold-out, to the equivalent of say, 4pages, I guess so that you can see the context of the artwork, and it really is quite stunning.  The New York Sketches, (shown below) are inspired from suggestions made by the readers of their favourite thing within New York, its quirky, humble and made me chuckle…

New York Sketches

New York Sketches

One reason why I really warmed to this publication is that it had a few little extra well thought-out touches, such as; what looks like a reproduction of a handwritten letter, tucked into one of the features, so clever, it makes it seem so much more real and personal… The transcript for Jim Henson’s – Youth ’68 (shown below) is also quite stunning, utterly chaotic and shows the working progress or evolution of an idea, its at times impossible to follow, which makes it seem all the more interesting, as if peeking into the very thoughts of a genius/mad man…

Jim Henson's – Youth '68

Jim Henson’s – Youth ’68

It really is a beautiful magazine… hope you go check it out…


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