Cut&Paste, London 2009

Cut&Paste London 2009

Having seen a snippet of a previous Cut&Paste event online, I was really happy to hear about the London event coming up and happily roped in a buddy to come with me to see what’s what.. Most simply put the event is a competition and is organised into 3D, 2D and motion graphics, each participant battling it out, against each other, for a much coveted spot in the finale in New York….

For me, the standout talents of the night; Cory Brown and Jason Turner… Each chap had an abundance of what I can only describe as pizazz and each had his own way to make an impact with the audience… Cory’s seemingly slow-start for the first competition, whereby he used words on his illustrator document to engage with the audience – ultimately those words made-up the structure of his 3D design –  and Jason’s badge-throwing, audience-teasing, self was utterly hilarious and equally engaging, as was his chucklesome Rolling Scone visual pun, as well as being a self-proclaimed design tart in the final round…For me, these chaps were the nights winners and I hope to stumble upon a feature in a magazine or online, detailing all their wonderful career successes.

The stop-motion work felt like it was a very different level of experience and though I wasn’t at all surprised with the judges choice, the beautiful work by Yibi Hu, I really really wanted Richard Tilly to win, his entry was fantastically creative and funny (humour goes a long way for me!)

In each category, I’m still however, a little confused as to whether the audience winner choices actually meant anything(?) and as the audience often disagreed with the judges choices I can’t help but think some of theses talented competitors were left adrift… I would have liked to have seen both the judges choices and the audience choices getting the chance to go battle in NY…but hey ho, sure everyone had fun..


Cut & Paste

Jason Turner

Cory Brown specifically his work for Cut&Paste can be seen here on his blog, also a link via Viemo so you too can see Cory’s work unfold, just as if you were in the audience, kinda! Link here.


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