Knowing” (IMBD info here)

I swore after sitting through a few painful minutes of “Lord of War” I’d never see another Nic Cage movie, then came the trailer for “Knowing” and against my better instincts I was arm-wrestled to go see this movie by a friend, but never ever again.

Knowing” has some good ‘bits’ in it and started off strong, but it really is a bad bad bad film.

Its way too cheesy (though with that said it did, at least, make me laugh.) It rips off too many other (better) movies and does so so badly, that it therefore suffers by comparison, as you can’t help but recall those ‘better’ movies…

…spoiler alert…

“Knowing” seems to make a bit of a hash of its own premise, its as if it doesn’t know whether it wants to be one type of film or another…

It begins with a spooky-weird girl, (if weird equals; a pale, distant child, hearing voices…ha ha…) Flip forward 50 years, and a high school time capsule is opened and hey presto the weird-child’s ‘predictions of the future’, set out in numerical code is given to Nic Cage’s son…Nic Cage’s character being some Mathematics genius accidentally ‘breaks the code’ – thus ensuing a bunch of quasi religious/science, apocalyptic/prophetic visions. Then the special effects take-over with one stunning airplane crash and one dream sequence.

But then it then feels like a bit of a rush to the finish line.


DON’T see this film.


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