Dumbo feather

Dumbo feather, pass it on.

Dumbo feather, pass it on.

Dumbo feather, pass it on.

Another fantastic find (via Magma) this magazine is just full of really creative, inspiring, interesting and quite lengthy features.

I was drawn to it as the cover art (fallen leaves, pool of water) …I just had to pick it from the shelf… upon first flick-through I noticed a two page spread on favourite bookshops from around the world and I was hooked. Yet the features are really quite varied. Random even. But somehow it works….

Still on the I bookshop theme, I was fascinated to read all about a bookshop (co-operative?) in Greece, Atlantis Books.  With a somewhat naive, hippy-like ideal and a drunken conversation leading to the culmination of the bookshop, it sounds, to me, like the stuff of dreams…

Though I also really appreciate the, at turns, humble and frank, words of founder Craig Walzer, sharing his varied experiences, in the interview, be this his taking a ‘time out’ from his studies, or creeping into refugee camps, in Sudan, to hear and record peoples stories…. I sometimes feel that there are people out there that over-achieve and get involved in many different things in this big wide world, to perhaps compensate for those of us that cannot figure out what to do…

I also enjoyed reading about Lynette Chiang and her adventures on her bicycle! – I’ve got to go now,. as the remainder of the magazine is calling out to me..



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