the LOVE magazine…

Love to LOVE

Can you choose a magazine based on its cover? or perhaps the amount of shelf-space it gets at your local newsagent? Do the coverlines grab your attention enough for you to shell-out your pennies? Actually in the instance of LOVE magazine, yes, yes, yes,. I was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised.

Below, “that” front cover and some example pages: The cover feature spread – WOW a really interesting feature and a lot more in-depth than I thought it would be, plus absolutely stunning Beth Ditto photographs.

LOVE front cover

Other features include: the talent show-case, can’t fault it, some super-young talent-spotting going on; the ‘iconographic’ Iggy feature; the famous people pretending to be other famous people photo shoot is kinda hilarious if for no other reason than to see Agyness Deyn as the Queen. Perhaps its a no-brainer to say the fashion pages are beautifully shot, which they are, but I’d like to say they’re ‘playful’ as well…


LOVE? Yes please, gimme some lovin’


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