There is something utterly brilliant about Juxtapoz magazine…

Juxtapoz (front cover)Juxtapoz

It has a great combination of short profiles and in-depth features on all sorts of artists; traditional artists, street/graffiti artists, cartoonists, photographers – all sorts of creative people that may work in any number of mediums or with a range of methods – but the results are amazing… (though sometimes not for the faint-of-heart.) I enjoy pouring over this magazine as its just so visually stimulating.

…a very brief selection from the Dec08 issue:

Juxtapoz Dec08/issue95_spreadGeoff McFetridge feature

Feature on Geoff McFetridge, his artwork is bold and humourous with a sense of fun… What can I say, the man’s a genius…

Juxtapoz 'Dec08 issue 95Armsrock feature

Feature about an urban artist, Armsrock and the huge (life size?) artwork he creates and subsequently displays wherever he paste them up…

Juxtapoz dec08 issue95Sam Flores feature

Feature Sam Flores (plus cover artwork) absolutely stunning illustrations, the characters are beautiful.


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